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Misty Harbor is a deed-restricted community. Living in a deed-restricted community has many advantages. For one, you only pay a share of the expenses relating to the maintenance and upkeep of the community. In exchange, you are afforded access to the amenities shared by all, which include secure access, our swimming pool, tennis courts, etc. Residents have recourse to deal with problems such as campers, boats, wreckers, and tractor-trailer cabs parked in driveways or on the lawn;  or that your colorblind neighbor doesn't paint their home an unsightly color; or that a lawn's grass is allowed to grow to two feet tall. Running a home business activity that repeatedly brings people or deliveries to the residence is not allowed.


The Community is managed by a Board of Directors who follow by-laws, or formal rules, and the Community's Rules and Regulations are intended to better define the "deed restrictions" outlined in the Declaration of Covenants. These documents were created for a reason. Deed restricted communities are a good investment. When community association restrictions are enforced, properties maintain their value and are more desirable to potential buyers. They also provide for the peaceful possession and enjoyment of one's home.


Just by buying property in a "deed-restricted community," one agrees to abide by the governing documents. Be sure to ask your real estate professional to provide you with a copy of the Misty Harbor Covenants, or click below:

Architectural Review


The Architectural Review Board reviews plans and issues a building permit for any construction in the Community.  The ARB Guidelines Document provides guidance for planning your home.  The guidelines are reasonable and allow for a wide variety of expression while assuring that homes meet minimum Community standards for size, architectural conformity for the Coastal setting, required buffers, landscaping and tree preservation, among other things. The typical Misty Harbor home is architecturally based on designs appropriate for a southern low country setting.


Keep in mind the ARB's philosophy is to protect Misty Harbor's unique setting of natural beauty by assuring that the homes built here add to the beauty and quality of the community. It is important to realize that the overall impact of a house design involves issues of taste and judgment which cannot be reduced to measurable standards. It is possible that a home meeting all of the statistical criteria, may be unacceptable for purely aesthetic reasons, and the ARB has the authority to make discretionary judgments of this nature.

The ARB is also responsible for maintaining the aesthetic appeal of Misty Harbor.

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