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Storage Yard Improvements

Misty Harbor Community,

Improvements have started in the storage yard. In order to prolong the life of our neighborhood property, we will be putting in a 20-foot storage container in the storage yard. The container will sit on a concrete pad that will be located at the first spot on the left as you enter the storage yard. The container will be used to store several neighborhood items: pool furniture during the off-season; holiday decorations; repair parts for neighborhood equipment; etc.

This is the first phase of a three-phase improvement plan to the storage yard. Phase one started yesterday and will be the addition of the concrete pad and storage container. Phase two will be the clearing of downed trees on the fence and the removal of trees and foliage in and around the outside of the fence. The third and final phase will be the repair of the fence that has been damaged by the downed trees.

In an effort to minimalize the cost of the improvements to the storage yard, the HOA board will complete the bulk of the work. If anyone is interesting in helping with the storage yard improvements, please contact the HOA board. This is the first of several improvement projects that the HOA board will be conducting throughout the year.


David Loveday

President, Misty Harbor Community


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